Hunting is one of the best ways to make progress in the game. It provides resources, gems, boosts, shields, repairs, you name it! It helps you and it helps your teammates.

Most of it revolves around energy, you want to deal as much damage as possible, using as little energy as you can while regaining it at the highest possible rate.


4 factors affect your hunting ability: research, heroes, gear and familiars.


Fairly straightforward, work your way down the Monster Hunt research tree


Trickster is a no-brainer to level and improve: extra energy, more regeneration and a research boost, Scarlet bolt is a good secondary choice with the construction speed helping out during early game.


Only one set of hunting gear, you can acquire bits and pieces through events, you can also buy these, but this guide will mostly concentrate on the f2p aspect of things.


Tempestite is the first of 2 familiars you'll see that provides a bonus to hunting, in tempestite's case it's increased energy regain speed, just this skill alone is worth levelling him/it/her? for, definitly should be one of the earlier familiars to max out.

Saberfang is the most hunting oriented one, providing movement speed and the support ability "Hunting Ground" this one provides a set amount of "Hunts in a Row", the ability is fairly self explanatory but basically will provide a large damage boost to one monster right after activation, also works on event monsters such as the Phantom Knight and Huey Hops.


Onto hunting itself.


Considering that damage is the key factor here and there's 2 damage types (Phyiscal and Magical) hunting itself boils down to having 2 teams, one for each type of damage

Physical Magical

The line-up you use will vary depending on their level, grade and which monster you are hunting if you're just looking for a list of suggestions you can click this button:


but it's also good to understand the principle behind hunting.

In the above example Trickster is graded gold while Death Archer is grade green. However when we compare the damage output of their main abilities we see the following: Trickster = 5206 damage, Death Archer = 9936 damage. Trickster compensates through his secondary abilities and his normal attack damage. If both were equally graded Death Archer would be the better choice.

How does this affect my line-up you ask? Well if a list were to suggest the following: it might better to reconsider and go with the a slightly changed line-up, namely: