Hyper farming at first may appear counter-intuitive however it is the preferred way to go. The reason for this is twofold, 1st storage capacity, your production stops when your storage is full, with late-game research requiring hundreds of millions of resources, going with a balanced setup won’t be practical. “Jack of all Trades, Master of None” basically. Specializing will increase storage capacity greatly, another benefit is that you only have to focus on just a few heroes making growth easier, your talent points won’t be all over the place etc… .


Sometime before your transition to castle level 25. I actually recommend starting off with a balanced farm setup (5 ore, 4 timber, 4 stone, 5 farms or similar) this will provide you with the starting resources while you build up and prevent the annoying struggle of dealing with the lack of food, at around castle level 21 you can start considering hyper farming. You can start right away if this is a secondary (alt) account. Shortage of resource could then be compensated by sending them from your primary (main) account until things start rolling on their own. When going hyper you ideally have troops out gathering to provide the rest of the resources, and a guild to trade with.

Won't my troops die or suffer if I don't have a positive food production?

No, having 0 food has no negative effect beyond the nuisance of relying on food packs and gathering


Hyper farming is relatively easy, just build your 4 base farms (you need these to progress) then fill the rest off your farmland with your resource of preference, right? Well, not quite, thoughtlessly picking a resource isn’t really the best course of action.

2 things to consider right out the box: What unit type will you train the most (archer, cavalry, infantry)? And what hyper setup will the other members in your guild use? fairly simple, infantry doesn’t require stone, archers don’t require Ore and cavalry doesn’t require Timber so:

Food Food Hyper limited troop size based on production rate.(not recommended) High production rate
Stone Stone Hyper Not used when training infantry Medium production rate
Timber Timber Hyper Not used when training cavalry Medium production rate
Ore Ore Hyper Not used when training archers Low production rate

Now don’t let the above list limit you, you can easily go for ore hyper and train exclusively archers, simply a matter of exchanging your hyper resources and concentrating you gathering on the resources you lack. in case you're going with ore for example both heroes that increase ore production (Tracker and Death Archer) are ranged heroes despite the fact that ore isn't used in archer training. At the end of the day you're going to need all 3 troop types regardless.

The second question is equally straightforward to answer, lords mobile is team game, co-operation is key so if everyone is going stone-hyper you’ll have a harder time acquiring other types of resources, having various members fill various roles will help things along greatly.

The production rate defines how much resources you'll be getting. gold is the hardest to both gather and produce, followed by ore. Stone and timber are equal to one another and lastly food has the highest production rate. A food farm at level 25 with no boosts produces 38210 food per hour, an ore mine only 22940 by comparison.


So you’ve chosen your resource? Good, time to hyper

Build (or keep) your 4 starting farms, then fill the rest with your hyper resource farms:

Done! You’re now officially hyper farming!


You’ve got the basis laid out, time to pump those numbers up!

Aside from boosts and farmlevel there are 4 other ways to further increase production output

Heroes Talents Familiars Gear

There are a couple more ways such as castle skin grade, titles and VIP level but these are outside of the scope of this tutorial, these also have less of an impact.


The following heroes offer a boost in resources

Hero Resource Max Boost
Tracker Ore 150%
Rose Knight Timber 150%
Sea Squire Stone 150%
Death Knight Stone 150%
Soul Forger Gold 150%
Death Archer Ore 150%
Incinirator Timber 150%
Oath Keeper Food 225%
Elementalist Food 225%

Below are some suggested talent trees, these are suggestive change them according to your wants and needs, these are focussed on a 'eco-mode' mindset hence training/construction and research is maxxed out.

Consider the talent tree a maleable object certain events may require you to change things, for example a gather quest during guildfest is a lot easier if you max out gathering speed. The same applies to gathering during kvk but you'll want to increase capacity as well to prevent large losses in case you weren't paying attention.

Food HyperWood HyperOre HyperStone Hyper

It's best to work from the bottom to the top, since Resource boost III provide more 'boost' per talent point invested.

Use these as a reference point, these trees are purely hyperfarming/economy, there might be situations where it's best to have gathering or gold production maxxed out, shift according to your needs


The following familiars provide a boost to resource production:

Familiar Resource Pact Boost
Oakroot Timber Pact 1A 25%
Magmalord Stone Pact 1A 25%
Engineer Ore Pact 1A 25%
Terraspike Food Pact 1B 25%
Gnome Gold Pact 1B 25%
Evil Weevil Food Pact 2A 35%
Totempest Timber Pact 2A 35%
Bouldor Stone Pact 2B 35%
Krabby Ore Pact 2B 35%
Goblin Gold Pact 3 35%

The following gear provides a boost to resource production:

Item Resource Level Type Boost Monster
Fear Drum Gold Lv 50 Accessory 49% Gargantua
Frostwing's Breath Gold Lv 55 Accessory 70% Frostwing
Gryphon's Talon Gold Lv 45 Off-Hand 49% Gryphon
Dwarven Toe Guard Gold Lv 17 Legs 22.4% Gathering (Fields/Rocks)
Lightning Guard Gold Lv 45 Armor 70% Noceros
Champion Armet Gold Lv 60 Helmet 105% Events/Store
Helmet of Conquest Gold Lv 35 Helmet 37.1% Gathering (Woods/Rocks/Veins)
Terror Vial Ore Lv 50 Accessory 49% Terrorthorn
Craggy Greaves Ore Lv 50 Legs 28% Hardrox
Burning scroll Timber Lv 55 Accessory 49% Hell Driders
Terror Blade Timber Lv 40 Off-hand 35% Terrorthorn
Wyrm Rod Timber Lv 50 Main-hand 70% Jade Wyrm
Coarse Helmet Timber Lv 40 Helmet 35% Hardrox
Wyrm Seal Stone Lv 55 Accessory 49% Jade Wyrm
Gargantuan Belt Stone Lv 60 Legs 70% Gargantua
Lunar Flute Food Lv 40 Accessory 53.2% Gathering (Woods/Rocks/Veins)
Hortensia Diamond Food Lv 33 Accessory 48.3% Gathering (Fields/Rocks)
Star Dust Food Lv 27 Accessory 37.8% Gathering (Fields/Woods/Rocks)
Gryphon Walker Food Lv 55 Legs 140% Gryphon
Summoner Robe Food Lv 31 Armor 37.8% Gathering (Fields/Woods/Rocks)
Cavalry Mail Food Lv 35 Armor 43.4% Gathering (Woods/Rocks/Veins)
Chieftain Headdress Food Lv 11 Helmet 18.2% Gathering (Woods)
Crystal Tear Gold Lv 27 Accessory 31.5% Gathering (Rocks/Veins)
Ancient Hourglass Gold Lv 27 Accessory 31.5% Gathering (Rocks/Veins)
Wanderer's Hood Food Lv 29 Helmet 44.8% Gathering (Fields/Woods)

Maintaining your hyper farm requires you to do 2 things:

1st is to maintain your 7 day resource production boost which can be bought for 19k guildcoins.

2nd is to make sure your storage doesn't fill, offload resource by trading, through the cargoship or simply storing it in the guildbank