Kick balls, score points. Not the most complex event in Lords Mobile, though there are a few ways to get more points than just randomly going about it. We’ll go over the strategy I employ here.


Like with any other event preparation makes things a lot easier. First business of the day is to look at what troops you have and what you’ll need.

The bare minimum in my opinion in order to participate in the event is to have at least 1 stack of tier 1’s (10k troops) and 1 stack of Tier 2’s (20k), though this is far from ideal and practically limits you to hitting darknests only. Having more troops is always better but if you want to perform well using my strategy I’d say having 3 tier 1 stacks, 2 tier 2’s and 1 tier 3 stack is about perfect. Here we can also see how far each tier can kick with T1 going for 5 blocks, T2 2, T3 10 and T4 15.

Beyond that having some movement speed gear and research done beforehand does help in acquiring balls. Storing some movement speed-boost also won’t hurt. They're not a requirement for this strategy to work.

Take note, when kicking balls, the game will default to lowest tier first, instead of using the faster cavalry It will default to infantry/archers. Sheltering those can give you an additional speedboost.

The last thing you’ll need is 2 relocators, you can randomly port around for a good place but being able to choose your spot is much better, the second relocator is to get back to your previous spot but the event usually provides one so consider it a safeguard in case your first spot is getting crowded.

This is also a good time to look around and chose the general area where you’ll relocate to.

This strategy relies on the smaller forts for most of the points you’ll earn, so it’s key (especially without T4) that you chose a fort with an open approach, unless you enjoy having your ball stolen, or spending dozens of speedups racing to your own balls.

We’ll not be going for base in this guide, it requires a different and more costly approach, the risk is also much higher.

So now we have our fort and general area picked out we can start moving (or wait until the balls spawn and relocate next to one for an easy jumpstart) but before that we need to do some counting first.

In order to hit a darknest or fort you can go for a direct hit, or hit the row around the darknest or fort

So starting from the outer row we count 10-15 blocks (depending on the troop type you have available) in our spot's direction. Bookmark this distance, now we know how where the ball roughly must be for us to kick it with our T3’s (T4’s) in order to score a goal.

For your convenience here are the areas you need to have your ball in in order to hit a sure goal.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4

Even with T4’s, this distance is relatively close to the fort, and pretty far from where the balls spawn so your spot should be located somewhere between the ball zone and the kick-spot.

The event

So, we’re all set now, we have our troops, our gear and boosts ready. Time for the event to start!

The main goal is to get balls in your ‘kick-zone’ score a goal and fetch new balls.

Grab a ball, using T1 and T2 you crank up the movement speed bonus while moving the ball towards your bookmarked location, along the way it’s beneficial to grab some darknests while you’re at it.

And that’s all there is to it, rinse and repeat until you complete your solo challenge. Very few people continue playing after unlocking solo tier, so getting 20-30k points extra after completing the solo portion of the event is often enough to also be eligible for the ranked rewards.

Using this method, it’s possible to complete the solo event in a single round, though I still recommend starting earlier and not waiting until the last wave comes along.

Team strategy

The same as above but this time around 2-3 teammates sit further out in the ball zone collecting those far-off and difficult to reach balls bringing them towards the kick-spot where another member takes over and kicks them into the fort.


Alternatively, you could use camps to form a line, since a ball cannot stop on an occupied spot it will roll along this this line of camps towards the fort, where you can simply give it a final kick. This requires at least 3-4 players to cooperate but with enough players you could even guarentee base-goals.